COVID-19 ADVICE (Home Qurantine )

For mild to moderate patient

I. Medicines

Sr.Name of the medicineType of medicinesQuantityInstructions for use
ITab Azithral 500 mgAntibiotic7I    tab        daily         after               meal          in
2Tab Ivermectin 12 mgAntiparasitic drug31 tab daily after dinner
3Tab ZincovitMultivitamin141 tab daily in the morning after breakfast
4Tab Celin 500Vitamin C141 tab daily in the morning after breakfast
5Tab Pan 40Acidity related71 tab in the morning empty stomach
6Cap Lumia 60 KVitamin D41 Cap weekly
7Tab Montek LCAllergic5I tab after dinner
8Dole 650*Paracetamol61 tab after meal/breakfast (if fever)
9Betadin GargleFor gargleI3 times in a day
10Bespicold                              Cough Syrup.For dry cough13 times in a day (If cough)

*To be taken SOS

2. Steam Inhalation- 3 times in a day

(It is considered to be useful in damaging the capsid of the SARS-CoV-2 envelope and prevent infection)

3. Pulse oximeter – Normal oxygen saturation of blood in a healthy individual is 95% to 100%. Check 3 times in a day. If having trouble of shortness of breath. consult the doctor.

4. Food

  1. Take rich protein diet & fruits (Avoid cold fruits)
  2. Drink milk with turmeric in the night.
  3. Eat Walnut & Anjeer & 2 Eggs
  4. Eat fresh and unprocessed foods
  5. Drink enough water every day
  6. Eat moderate amounts of fat and oil
  7. Eat less salt and sugar

5. Avoid reading and listening more about Covid- 19. Be positive

6. Average recovery time is 10-14 days. Get another RT-PCR test after two weeks after detection.

7. No need for immediate ‘CT Scan of lungs’ if patient is fine.

8. Patient having CT value (refer to RT-PCR report) between 24-35 is less infectious. Less CT value more infectious.

9. Get your family members also tested.

10. Take full rest and read good books/news/article during the isolation.

May God bless with speedy recovery!!

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